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What Should You Do Before The Moving Company Arrives To Pack?

by Josep Hernandez

Hiring a moving service, such as Diversified Installation Service Inc, is a great way to simplify the moving process. Instead of spending your days packing, lifting, and driving, you get to let someone else take care of those tasks -- so you can focus on saying goodbye to your old home and settling in to the new one. There are, however, a few things you should take care of before the movers arrive and take over.

Unload the dishwasher.

If your dishes are unclean or still wet when your moving company arrives, they'll have trouble packing them. They might even neglect to look in the dishwasher and leave them behind. Thus, you should be sure to wash all of your dishes and take them out of the dishwasher before your moving company arrives.

Remove artwork from the walls.

Your movers can do this for you, but nobody knows the intricacies of how things are hung and nobody takes them down better than you. Removing the pictures from the wall yourself will help prevent breakages. Plus, if you have any truly valuable artwork, you can take this opportunity to set it aside so you can transport it to your new home yourself.

Take anything you plan to donate to the donation center.

If you leave those bags of clothes and pieces of furniture in the corner of a room, chances are your movers won't realize you intend to donate them, and they'll end up packed in the truck. Make that trip to the donation center before moving day.

Take the trash out -- or separate it clearly.

If you have items or bags of trash you intend to throw away, take it out to the street before the movers arrive so it does not accidentally get sent to your new home. If this is not possible, tape a paper sign that says "trash" on one wall, and then stack your trash beneath it. When the movers arrive, point the pile out to them and tell them not to pack those items.

Gather all of your important documents.

If you have important documents such as bank statements, tax paperwork, and the like scattered throughout your home, take the time to gather these things into one folder that you can bring with you personally to your new destination. Not only does this prevent anyone who should not see these documents from gaining access to them, but it helps ensure you don't misplace them, too.