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Do You Need A New Garage Door? Three Signs You Might

by Josep Hernandez

Your garage door may be working right now, but missing early signs that it needs to be replaced can lead to problems for you and your car. Here are some things you should be looking out for so that you can replace your garage door when necessary.

Grating Sounds

You may be listening to news and music on your car radio every day when you roll up to your garage door, so you might not even be aware of sounds that the door is making. Noises can be a normal part of garage door operation, or they could mean that you need some repairs; grating sounds in particular might mean that you need to have your door replaced altogether. This could be the result of worn rollers or rusting metal components. If you have had your door for a long time, these sounds may be persistent until you put in a new door with all new parts.

To be aware of grating sounds when they first start, be sure to turn off the radio now and then as you approach the garage door so you can notice any unusual sounds.

Door Drifting

One way to tell that you may need a new garage door is if the door moves on its own when it is partially open. This is also referred to as "drift". To determine whether your door is having drifting problems, open it about halfway and watch it for a few minutes. If it starts moving downward or slowly rises, be aware that you might have a problem that needs to be taken care of. There could be tension spring issues that need to be addressed, or you may need an entirely new door.

Outdated Features

If your garage door is aging and lacks weather strips, insulation and sealing joints, you might find that your utility bills are quite steep because of all the air that creeps in through your outdated garage door. Replacing your old door with a newer model may help you save money on your utility bills while also providing more insulation to your garage. 

A newer garage door may also provide safety features that your current garage door doesn't have. For example, your garage door may not have sensors that help it avoid closing on toys and other things that might roll under the path of the door. A new garage door with sensors and other safety features can prevent injuries and damage. 

If you notice any of the conditions in this article, get in touch with Mark May's Garage Door Store or other garage door repair contractors. They can help you determine whether you need repairs or an all-new garage door.